My work reflects my concerns, preoccupations and passion with the aquatic world. Nature will always supply me with an endless source of inspiration through its beauty, nobility and sheer struggle for survival.”

The surfaces and glazes of the individual fish I make are patterned after the reflected color of the water and the texture of the rock formations along the river where I guide. With the application of ceramic glazes, each fish becomes my own personal abstract painting.
My artwork has provided a clarity and direction for me. It's been a way of exploring why people hunt and fish and what constitutes the outdoor experience.

As an artist, I feel very fortunate for the generous gestures from friends and clients that have made possible my pursuit of a very personal vision. Through my fishing, I have made many friends and allies who share my passions and concerns about the natural world.

I currently have work on display at galleries in Sacramento, Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta, California.

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